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Due to the current Covid-19 situation, our studio is currently running a temporary schedule for one on one piano lessons online (online classes only). Please call us at 604-620-7350 for booking and more information! Thank you for your understanding!

Our instructors are trained in Classical Music and have experience teaching young children piano, voice, and musical notation. Music lessons can be booked for after school on Mondays through Fridays and in the mornings on Saturdays and Sundays. 



30 mins (30分钟) —————— $30 + tax

45 mins (45分钟) —————— $42+ tax

60 mins (60分钟) —————— $55+ tax

30 minute lessons are recommended 
for younger children and for beginners.

45 - 60 minute lessons are reccommended 
for more experienced music students.


One on One Music Lesson

1 on 1 Piano Lesson for childrens, teens, an adults

For more info regarding dates and times or to book your lesson, please call at 604-620-7350 or email us with the form below. 如需咨询课程时间或预约课程请致电604-620-7350 或用一下表格发送邮件给我们  : 

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About Our Music Instructor

My name is Lin, and I am currently one of the music teachers at Kidoodles. I am currently a student at UBC studying Music and Education. I received my RCM ARCT Performers Diploma in Piano Performance at age 15. I’ve also performed at several recitals from local ones to the RCM Alumni recital. I am able to play the flute, saxophone, clarinet, trombone and baritone. Teaching children is something I have done for five years and is also something I have passion for.

1 on 1 Piano Lesson for children, teens, and adults
1 on 1 Piano Lesson for children, teens, and adults



1 on 1 Piano Lesson for children, teens, and adults
1 on 1 Piano Lesson for children, teens, and adults

My name is Maggie. I have been playing and performing the piano for 13 years and have received the Royal Conservatory of Music's RCM Performer's Diploma. I've been teaching piano since 2010 with students aging from 3-16. I have a B.S degree from UBC, majoring in Physiology and Behavioural Neuroscience.