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Portfolio Development for 15 Years and Older

Instructor: toDD mA

Instructor's work:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Todd Ma is an artist who has loved arts throughout his whole life. He started to draw since he was very young and as of now, Todd have a Graphic Design diploma and a degree in Visual Arts from several professional art institutes and universities, including Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


During his art training years from several art schools, he used the knowledge and skills that he learnt from university such as drawing, painting, sculpture, model building, printmaking, etc. to create multi-media artworks. Many of Todd's artworks were influenced by urban fashion, subculture, cartoon, toys, skateboarding, music, and so on. Most of his artworks focus on drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics.His favourite subjects are humans, dogs, cartoon characters and toys.


Todd is currently an art tutor who has been teaching students ranging from five to forty years olds for more than 3 years. From his drawing and painting tutor experience, not only have he practiced well and taught with his teaching skills, but have also learnt to communicate with people of difference ages with various art skill levels, and more importantly have made some great friends to enjoy the fantastic world of art making together. If you would like to know more about Todd and his art, you can check out his website at

Portfolio classes will be held as a one on one class unless customers register as a group ( up to 2 people ). The class is designed for high school art students who are looking to pursue art university such as Emily Carr, Art Institute or art related degree in other universities or colleges. Class time may be booked based on the availability of our instructor. Please contact us through the contact form below or call us at 604-620-7350



$35 per hour per person.

All art materials are not included.

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