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Splatter Painting:

Room Booking & Group Splatter

Would like to book a splatter session where the room is privately open just for your own family and friends? Simply spend a minimum of $80 dollars on splatter painting drop-in/drop-off and/or canvas upgrades to qualify for a private splatter room booking! 

A non-refundable $50 + tax deposit is required to secure your time slot! Please call us for booking at 604-620-7350! Thank you!



With guardian accompany : $10 per hour/per kid

Without guardian accompany: $15 per hour/per kid

Adults : $10 per hour /per person

有家长陪同:$10 一个小时

无家长陪同:$15 一个小时

成人:$10 一个小时


We accept children 4 years and above for group splatter painting without parents or guardian's participation. Children under 4 years requires parent or guardian's company in order to go in.



Please call us at 604-620-7350 for booking!


Things To Know [详情须知]:

Our Drop In session includes 1 piece of cartridge paper 18"x24" ( extra papers are 50cents each) , 6 colors of water-based tempera paint (non-toxic and washable), brushes, stamps and other splatter tools. Our staff will be supervising the children to create a splatter work of art to take home at the end of the session. Art making is often a messy process, please keep in mind that children may get paint on his/her clothing even when we try to cover them up as much as possible. However, all of the paints used will be tempera paints, therefore, it will wash off fairly easily as soon as it's put in wash ASAP.


Other than cartirdge paper, we also have cavas board upgrades starting from $3 for a 8"x10" and raw canvas cloth upgrades avaliable upon request.



如果想要更专业的画布或画板,我们提供画板升级,可以在店中购买,$3 起价,不同的价格根据不同的画板尺寸。

Please read over our Drop-in Policies regarding refund and other important info ! Thank you !!

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